The Fact Of Climate Change

Here at Why Choose Renewable Energy we are determined to ensure the fact of climate change reaches as many people as possible. We hope to enable everyone out there to make the right choices regarding their own energy use.

This is something that is the responsibility of each and every one of us, in our own lives, in our own homes. Our governments can legislate and manage the big picture of emissions, ensuring companies and national organisation meet their emissions targets, but when it comes down to the individual, we all have to pull our weight. Only if this happens can we hope to tackle the climate crisis we are all now facing.

Over a century of carbon dioxide emissions being pumped into the atmosphere by ever increasingly industrialised nations have resulted in unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the effect of which is to act like a thick blanket and trap all the heat that would normally leave the earth’s atmosphere.

This leads to higher and higher temperatures, and even a small shift in the average temperature of the earth could make life difficult or even unsustainable in the long term. Contact us now to discover more about the fact of climate change.

Welcome to Why Choose Renewable Energy. We believe it is not just important but has now become imperative that the message get out there: now is the time for us all to take responsibility for our actions and begin to make the switch over from fossil fuel energy to renewables.

Climate change is no longer a question, but instead a clear and present danger which we must all act upon in order not only to safeguard our own futures, not only our children’s futures, but also the futures of every generation that will follow us.

Renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power are the key to this sustainable vision of the future.

If you have any questions about renewable energy or what you can do to help stop climate change, feel free to contact the team. We would be glad to discuss renewable energy and the broader context of global warming with you.